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Horst Koehler Quotes

7 Horst Koehler quotes:

"The fact that other people are worse off than us is certainly cold comfort for those in Germany who have to count every cent."
Author: Koehler Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"Looking forward, we welcome the Turkish government's goals of continuing to reduce inflation, and ensuring sustainable growth."
Author: Koehler Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"Shared values and common interests - much more can be built on these than on gratitude alone."
Author: Koehler Quotes Category: Gratitude Quotes
"I am listening to everybody, in the sense that I feel myself in charge of an organization that has 182 members,"
Author: Koehler Quotes Category: Listening Quotes
"There is an awareness among oil producing countries that this extreme oil price is not in their best interest,"
Author: Koehler Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes
"Solidarity became the symbol of this fight and a worldwide symbol of freedom,"
Author: Koehler Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"I trust that the leaders of the poor countries themselves fully recognize the importance of sound policies and good governance, ... A real breakthrough in poverty will be possible only if private saving and investment take firm roots in these countries and if a much larger part of the savings generated in the world becomes available to them."

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