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"Even though Tom Cruise has gone a little nuts recently, he is still a huge action star in this picture. But certainly some people who are turned off by Tom Cruise will skip this movie just like 'War of the Worlds.' The numbers for that film were great, but might have reached $250 million."
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"Paris Hilton is probably the best example. She was one of many attractive starlets out there, then that tape hits and it's all the sensation. The reality show gets a boost and it propels her into one of the top five celebrity actresses in the world."
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"The remakes that do well shoot for audiences that might not have ever seen the original. The title isn't enough to get people, especially young people, into theaters."
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"It's one of the most crowded Christmas seasons I've ever seen. Many of them might end up being casualties."
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"Hollywood is down versus last year by a significant amount. Nothing is impossible but it will take a few surprise blockbusters."
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"I think this shows a growing divide between the expensive Hollywood films, which make a lot of money, and the artistic lower budget films which are made more from quality."
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