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"If after sanctions, if after a refusal to let inspectors in, you still don't have action, it might very well be at that point that the United States would have to consider a pre-emptive strike, ... That's something we haven't done in the past. Or at least we haven't done it very often and it would have to be carefully considered."
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"Anyone watching that storm knew it was going to affect Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. This is not a disaster for the mayor of New Orleans to deal with."
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"Now he's making a lot of assumptions there as far as almost instantaneous communication, and it's almost a hypothetical -- it is I guess a hypothetical question. But I heard that statement with some surprise,"
"You want to disavow labels and project centrist attitudes. Hoosiers pride themselves on being people of moderation and common sense."
"That's common sense. We're not there yet."
"A miscall like that has a lot of consequences,"
"It is a glaring error four years after 9/11. Still exists. Not resolved. There are bills pending in Congress but they're far from enactment,"
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"He hasn't got much of what he wanted. But on the other hand, Congress hasn't done much of anything this year."
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"The National Guard doesn't have the helicopters you need. These decisions were delayed much, much too long."
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"She's told us she's happy to have us come back, so we're going to get the information that we want in the commission,"
"A member of an intelligence committee who hears of some activity he disapproves of has no real way to bring that public because if he does, he's breaking the law."
"At this point, we stand by that judgement,"
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"an important service to the nation."
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