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James Walsh Quotes

8 James Walsh quotes:

"We think given what they know now they have sufficient money to get through the year."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"I just really strongly oppose this, ... I have pushed back very, very hard on food stamps."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"We hope to have another announcement later this week. We need another $17,500 and they will release the money for TARGET."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"Even if you have a good, proactive company, you have obligations, ... Get Your Claim Paid."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"When this happens, the insurance companies that are in trouble will count on state guarantee funds to cover them. This is one reason to make sure your homeowners insurance company is a so-called 'admitted' carrier; nonadmitted carriers are not covered by state guarantee funds."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"However, because these losses are usually clustered in geographic areas, there is a risk that regional insurance companies will be hurt so bad financially that they won't be able to pay all the claims at once."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Under those circumstances, most major companies won't require that you sign anything other than endorsing the check."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"Crooks move into disaster areas almost as quickly as relief workers do, ... These scammers will run every kind of rip-off, from conning people into signing over emergency benefits to signing usurious loans to fronting construction work that's never begun."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes

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