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37 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad quotes:

"Some European countries and America are using the Security Council as a threat. They threaten us so that we give up our rights,"
"defend the rights and interest of our people and our country ... we do not humble ourselves in the poisoned atmosphere created by foreign sources. We will remain strong and vigilant and work to overcome the obstacles in our way to achieve our goals and objectives."
"Arrogant powers are intended to make local and national economy of other states bankrupt to make more benefits from establishment of a big market"
"Enemies think that by ... threatening us, launching psychological warfare or ... imposing embargoes can dissuade our nation to obtain nuclear technology."
"We believe that atomic energy is a blessing given by God, ... It's an opportunity. It is a clean energy. It is a healthy energy."
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"Nuclear energy is our right, and we will resist until this right is fully realized."
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"for peaceful purposes, and it is our right to have that capacity for energy, for medical purposes and development of our technology."
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"the peaceful use of nuclear energy without a fuel cycle is an empty proposition."
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"We want the Persian Gulf to be a gulf of friendship and equality,"
"Our nation wants peace, stability, justice and equality in international relations,"
"From the very beginning, the West has been against scientific progress and economic growth in our country. They do not want to see our young generation gain access to nuclear fuel technology."
"A popular, independent and developed Iraq will be the best friend of the Iranian nation,"
"lead in promotion of spirituality and compassion for humanity."
"We demand democracy, security, stability and termination of occupation in Iraq to provide the grounds for its reconstruction and development,"
"[Rumsfeld said he does not] known much about ... But he is no friend of democracy. He's no friend of freedom. He is a person who is very much supportive of the current ayatollahs, who are telling the people of that country how to live their lives."
"If some want to misuse the generosity of our nation, and re-examine what was previously examined, they should know the fire of the anger of the Iranian nation will be extremely burning and devastating,"
"We are very sorry for what is happening in Iraq at the moment, and we hope that the establishment of a sovereign state in Iraq comes quickly, ... thanking God that our brothers in arms are now holding high positions in Iraq."
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"If you think by frowning at us, by issuing resolutions ... you can impose anything on the Iranian nation or force it to abandon its obvious right, you still don't know its power."
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"They invade the shrine and bomb it because they oppose God and justice."
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"a blessing given by God."
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