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Joichi Ito Quotes

6 Joichi Ito quotes:

"I talked about the barriers created by monopolies. I said that it was the role of government to break up these monopolies and that we couldn't do it alone."
Author: Ito Quotes Category: Government Quotes Japanese Businessman Quotes
"I fear that my jokes will be misinterpreted and the irony lost. I fear that someone will take offense. I fear that a post will sound boastful."
Author: Ito Quotes Category: Fear Quotes Japanese Businessman Quotes
"Liberty, freedom and democracy are very fuzzy words, but human rights is very specific."
Author: Ito Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes Japanese Businessman Quotes
"There was a very convincing argument made that the extremists have won and the aggression is now supported by the majority, therefore fighting until surrender was the only alternative."
Author: Ito Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes Japanese Businessman Quotes
"The most important thing I learned in school was how to touch type."
Author: Ito Quotes Category: School Quotes Japanese Businessman Quotes
"But my question is, am I compromising by adapting my words for the audience and where is the line beyond which I am not adapting words, but changing my position?"
Author: Ito Quotes Category: Words Quotes Japanese Businessman Quotes

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