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"We talk about diversity so much, and so many times it's so inorganic in terms of the way it's used. I feel that example and the Korean couple on Lost are some of the best demonstrations of how incredibly compelling characters can even cross over the language barrier. I think in the diverse culture we live in that's far more truthful than some of the stuff we have on."
"I think it's great, especially the timing, with it coming back this week. There's a portion of the audience that maybe saw it a few times but wasn't dedicated to it that might come back ... or there's a new audience that heard about the show pop-culture-wise, and now that it has the Emmy stamp of approval, may give it a shot."
"The voting was not fixed whatsoever."
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"We chose it because it's one of the best shows on television, and it's gaining momentum. It's doing some of the most amazing work in drama that I think is being done anywhere right now. We feel like it's an asset that is only growing, and we wanted to expose it to a larger audience and keep that momentum growing."

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