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"They have the overwhelming advantage of an incredibly great brand for search, but they're coming from behind when it comes to meeting the specific needs of enterprises."
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"These changes will threaten established practices and entrenched interests in the media and advertising sectors, but consumers will benefit and ultimately, companies that can ride this wave will benefit as well. No one really knows what the media landscape will look like ten years out."
"The fact that the Internet will influence nearly half of total retail sales in 2010 is staggering statistic for a shopping channel that will have been around for little more than 15 years by 2010."
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"It's a big impact on the rest of the year, too. Customers may go to a competitor's site and never come back."
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"The relationship can close the gap between the core technology and the savvy needed to make it work the enterprise."
"I think there are really two classes of problems. First is the availability of the Web site, particularly Web site outages and performance. Many customers were turned away because there were sites that couldn't handle the volumes. The more serious problem is fulfillment -- getting the goods into the boxes and getting them into the hands of the shippers."
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