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"I think there are some songwriters who are just brilliant who can write and then I think there are some songwriters who can like me I have a problem writing chorus lyrics but I can write a song in a story like that."
"We influence singing but never really songwriting."
"I think in church you're raised like God is God and you are here."
"I have grown in my writing and I care about it now and I know how important it is to write stuff."
"I know at my church a lot of the times we sung from hymn books and as we got older we started to change with time. I can honestly say that I was never influenced to write for the church."
"You know when I really realized like "wow" what a gift this is was when I sang at camp and a girl wrote me a letter and said the song that I sung kept her from committing suicide."
"I always sang in church always was in a gospel choir and directed choirs and always performed, but I never thought of it as a powerful thing."
"The gift of song is just like... I think music is one of those true things in this world that is universal."
"Linux gave [these companies] a greater sense of choice. We saw some limited concern over Linux fracturing, but it was a minor issue at best."
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"There has been an emerging understanding in some of the studios that this marketplace is underserved."
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"Although gross corporate misconduct has necessitated recent landmark regulations, there is a growing contention that the impact of these rules has been negative. Many directors believe boards have become exceedingly wary and are not taking necessary risks to drive company growth. These directors are demanding reform."
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"A lot of technology that's started on the mainframe has moved down the platform, and that also reflects the enterprise data center's evolution."
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"The Insignia initiative formalizes a lot of what EMC has been doing in the SMB space since 2001 when it launched its partnership with Dell."
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"I don't see that kind of synergy here,"
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