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"There is an unquestionable need. It would have been a disaster if HUD had not granted the transfer and we hadn't had the other level of governments supporting this,"
Author: Mica Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"This US Delegation by this visit and these discussions demonstrates to Slovakia and its people American support toward these goals."
Author: Mica Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"I think this is mostly our responsibility, ... but also it's something that we might require as standard operating equipment on new, large aircraft that would be at risk."
"Take down one commercial airliner in the West, and you're looking at absolute devastation ... So we're trying to take a different approach, a proactive approach, and move this forward. We can't afford not to."
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"[Mica said the airlines are taking significant steps toward improving service.] They have agreed to establish a local or toll free number that a passenger can call to get information about their lost luggage, ... They have also agreed to establishing a system to contact passengers before they leave the airport if the flight is delayed or cancelled."
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