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"This is a brilliant strategic move by Quantum and great news for customers. The combined company will have an enormous set of offerings, the scale, footprint and financial foundation to really have an impact in the data protection market. This acquisition propels Quantum into a clear top three position among the largest data protection suppliers, and makes them big enough to control their own fate. I love this deal."
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"Brenda is a seasoned storage professional that will add strength to Pillar's team. Pillar is poised for rapid growth and Brenda's vast experience will be of great value during the process. This looks like a really good fit to me."
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"Microsoft wants the operating system and their tools to have all the value so that users don't need to go outside of the family. It drives Microsoft crazy that people spend a ton of money with EMC and Veritas on boring old storage issues."
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"It's attractive because you can start really small and get really, really big, ... It's easy, and smart -- the physical design looks pretty intelligent. As you're scaling up, as opposed to doing a forklift upgrade, you can just modularly add in capacity. You won't need a crane to add things in."
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"Users don't want to bet the farm up front on network-based storage intelligence -- and Troika gives them a way to stick their toes in the water without drowning,"
"Our research confirms that Oracle Automatic Storage Management delivers high performance, more reliable automation and simplified operations, ... This capability delivers previously unattainable levels of storage management efficiency through highly automated, application-centric rules and policies."

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