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"They've given up an awful lot of yardage back there, so that's definitely something we'll look to take advantage of."
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"We always believe. That's something coach Brown talks about a lot. You always come out and believe in each other. We told the defense, 'We get the ball back, we're going to make things happen, we're going to make plays and that's exactly what we did."
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"This is just something we can do to show our support. It really opens your eyes to hear some of the stories from people like Ms. Taft. Children shouldn't have to grow up afraid, especially of their own parents. If we can help by just being here and bringing some attention to the cause, we're happy to do it."
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"Making a catch like that with that amount of time left in a hostile environment, it's definitely a confidence builder because I was able to help our team keep its dream alive."
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"My professor had me stand in front of the class and answer a bunch of questions about the game. People wanted to know about the atmosphere, about my catch and if we were going to win the national championship."
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"I looked in his eyes, and even when we were down, he was confident. Vince took what they gave him."
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