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13 Adam Adelman quotes:

"People might be delaying some purchasing decisions and in the short-term, that's considered a negative."
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"Anything HP can do to move away from the eroding margin business of hardware would make sense."
Author: Adelman Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"There's a tremendous translation advantage for techs that get a lot of revenue overseas, but you have to look at these gains as one-time events since the dollar can't decline forever."
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"In spite of the Gateway announcement, there seems to be some firming in demand for PCs and flash memory. Pricing is starting to improve. And for IT services, capacity utilization is finally starting to improve."
Author: Adelman Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"I don't think there's enough evidence to support the argument that there is a recovery in information technology."
"Potential customers have more faith and confidence in the financial health of IBM."
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"I don't see how the company can have that kind of visibility, especially with a management team that had to revise earnings three times within one quarter last year. They don't have credibility."
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"The market will take any good news it can wrap its arms around so if Dell offers some encouragement that might mark a short-term bottom for tech. But it has to say some positive things about the spending environment, which isn't likely since there is no incentive to be overly optimistic."
"Optimism in the numbers will be a roadblock for further gains. The upside in tech is limited."
Author: Adelman Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"It'll take another round of earnings to confirm some of the optimism that's been going around. And I don't know that I would say all the news was necessarily good. A lot of companies beat much-lowered expectations and didn't necessarily have rosy outlooks."
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"You can make a fair argument that they were undervalued. Some were priced for bankruptcy so it's not that surprising that we've seen this bounce."
Author: Adelman Quotes Category: Argument Quotes
"Software companies have sold off aggressively but some information technology managers have indicated a willingness to spend in that area."
"Investors are having problems with reliability and the problem is that it's not impossible to fake a statement of cash flows."
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