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Stephen Cutler Quotes

6 Stephen Cutler quotes:

"Even if you don't have direct responsibility for a company's financial statements, you cannot turn a blind eye when you have reason to know that what you are doing will help make those statements false and misleading,"
"He's very committed to making the exchange a regulator without fear."
Author: Cutler Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"There are about half a dozen situations that we're currently looking at for potential FD violations."
Author: Cutler Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"When an exchange specialist unlawfully takes advantage of its privileged position by seizing trading opportunities that it should leave for public customers, it fundamentally undermines the fair and orderly operation of the exchange auction system."
Author: Cutler Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"Certainly every piece of legislation is going to have some consequences that people didn't anticipate at the outset,"
"The $375 million that Bank of America has agreed to pay and the significant reforms that it has agreed to implement reflect the seriousness of the misconduct in this matter, ... We will continue to investigate that misconduct in an effort to hold all responsible parties accountable."
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