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"Creating a seamless link between the device and the service is crucial, ... That's what Apple has done, and that's what Sony wants to do with the PSP. Consumers are nothing if not foragers of digital content. With the PSP, you can connect to the Internet, browse and download content other than games."
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"There is the benefit of allowing me or any individual a way to place a stamp on the culture."
Author: McGuire Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"I am not able to answer questions on that, There's a real fear that some of these victims are still angry. That's why the government is concerned."
Author: McGuire Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"I can imagine Songbird as a Web interface for a brand like that. There would be interesting value there."
Author: McGuire Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"Assuming they are looking at this as pure incremental revenue, ... they are in an interesting position to take advantage of changing consumer patterns and chart new territory where other folks have not yet looked."
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"It's wonderful and unique stuff, and it's a clever way to do it. Being online and digital gives them the ability not to have to invest a whole lot of capital to distribute it."
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"It's an interesting idea. But you've got a whole bunch of audiences that have to be satisfied with this."
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