Rahul Dravid Quotes

34 Rahul Dravid quotes:

"It is a different competition with different rules. Pakistan is a good one-day side especially at home. We have a young side who has done well recently. We are looking forward to it."
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"It?s the normal pressure or anxiety to perform well which is good. We know Pakistan?s recent performance against us has been good. But statistics don?t count much as in one-day cricket the team that performs well on that day will win."
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"We have the option of taking up the issue with the relevant authorities, but keeping the relevance and importance of the series we have decided to let the issue pass and put it to rest."
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"There are choices to make and someone will be unlucky. That is how life is."
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"We have a young and inexperienced bowling attack. So we have to come up with new ideas. We have to be a little better that what we have done so far."
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"Against a good quality seam attack not only us, anyone could have faced a problem. Asif hit the seam on the deck regularly at the right line and I have no doubt his bowling in both innings made the difference."
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"I think the way Asif bowled with the new ball in both innings was quality stuff. He put the ball in the right areas and used the seam beautifully."
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"It was an unfortunate way to lose the match. But rules are rules and they are part of the game. The match was heading towards an exciting finish when it had to be called off."
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"We might not risk him if the problem doesn't settle."
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"If you are quick, accurate and can swing the ball around, you always pose problems."
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"We are planning to developing a strategy which will give us 20 wickets in a match as in the last four encounters we were unable to do so for a victory."
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"He has proved his worth over the years and is always an asset to the side."
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"Last couple of months have been really good. There have been good performance from all the players."
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"It was a great professional performance from our team. We had four run outs in Pakistan innings that was fantastic. The boys were confident after our bowlers did well and restricted Pakistan to 265 on a good batting wicket."

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