Kostya Tszyu Quotes

6 Kostya Tszyu quotes:

"She is learning to be a good teacher. She is pushing me. Being a good teacher is about give and take."
Author: Tszyu Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"I have learned lots of things and I know how not to make mistakes as a manager, ... I am positive they are not going to make the same mistakes I made."
Author: Tszyu Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"If I am not going to stay in the same weight class, will he (Hatton) be interested in coming up?"
Author: Tszyu Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"I think I have an advantage over some of the other competitors, because I perform live. I do remember the moves. But you know me. I try to be perfect and when I am not, I am pissed off with myself. I haven't been doing this for very long, so I can't be perfect straight away."
Author: Tszyu Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"Life is all about facing new challenges."
Author: Tszyu Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"I don't mind, in some ways."
Author: Tszyu Quotes Category: Mind Quotes

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