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30 Carson Palmer quotes:

"He's a very passionate person, and you could tell Cincinnati had a very big place in his heart."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"I'm more excited about getting past the Chiefs and moving on forward from that."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"I thought a lot about it. It seems like everything happened so fast. Parts of last night that seemed like minutes were hours. Looking back, some of last night flew by. But I don't think this thing is going to hit me until I get going on the rehab session, start battling the road back."
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"I think Coach just wanted to let some starters rest. Going into a game like (next week's), you don't need momentum."
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"He's going to say some random things and speak what's on his mind. To say that what he said puts more pressure on us or is bulletin-board material, none of that is needed. This is a big enough game in itself."
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"It's not just the quarterback going out there and playing out of his mind. You've got to have a good team around you."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"He was a phenomenal player. He just kind of had a bad streak of luck."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Luck Quotes
"You interchange those guys in and out, and you've got power and speed and so forth. We do a really good job offensively with our scheme and keeping those guys on their toes."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"There's progress in a lot of areas but a lot of things we have to execute better. Our main thing is you want to get better week to week and be ready for opening day, and we got better last week."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"This team's really, really been grinding. And that's Marvin's philosophy. For us to get a week off and have an opportunity to really rest our bodies and get ready for the playoffs would be huge."
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