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"I can't answer that. I know within our league that reputation is there."
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"One thing we wanted to focus on was the heart. That's the base of our pyramid, so it was probably the most rewarding thing because we can now build on that."
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"Don't you think we've earned it? It's not a matter of advantage. We earned the No. 1 rating, and it makes sense to put us up there, so I think we've earned it."
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"I think destiny is preparation meeting opportunity, but there's an X-factor that's uncontrollable, and maybe that X-factor was being here in Wisconsin. But we worked hard. We prepared ourselves for this opportunity."
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"We were riding a really good wave. But when you've been around this game long enough, you know you're going to hit some storms."
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"I can tell you this explicitly, that nobody was looking at this as just a third-place game. There was a lot of pride on the line."
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"That early goal (in the second period) really took us another notch down in terms of anxiety that we had. We started to skate more freely and do the things were capable of. That was a big step."
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"Sometimes he does get pulled down, but the fact is, he does have that reputation."
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"That's a college hockey game that everybody in the building will be talking about for a long time."
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"The whole weekend was an opportunity of growth for us as a team. We took that opportunity by winning two games here at home against a quality team. We talked about before the game that it was an opportunity for us to grow and forge ourselves into the type of team we want to have at the end of the year, when we can do some things."
Author: Eaves Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"That's a college hockey game that everybody will be talking about for a long, long time. When you play in a game like this, the will has to be greater than the skill and the will of both teams not to give in was just tremendous to watch."
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