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17 Chauncey Billups quotes:

"Watching him is unbelievable. The kid is a freak of nature."
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"We're playing better. We're making progress. But now we've got to continue to do that, and not always take one step and then two steps back. That's the way it's been most of the season."
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"We still have the best record in the league, but we're not playing the best basketball in the league right now. We have to get back to doing the things we were doing earlier in the season."
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"That was a lot of fun playing in this building. It's been a long time since we had that college-game feeling."
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"We always knew a championship ring means way more than being an all-star, although we wanted to be all-stars. This is just secondary. It's not going to make me feel the same way as I felt when I was on that big stage in the finals when I won a championship. At the same time, it's going to be up there, because it's going to validate what I always felt about myself."
"No question, that's what it's all about, letting the young boys shine."
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"I like Flip because Flip is an offensive-minded coach,"
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"That guy, he's playing great. He's back to his old self again. I'm sure you all could see that. I'm happy for him, I'm happy that he's on my team, too. I just hope he stays playing with that same confidence coming down the stretch into the playoffs."
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"It's a lot of fun to play in this building. It's been a long time since we've had that college-game feeling. A standing-room crowd. The fans didn't sit down until they scored the first basket. You don't see that in the pro game."
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"We were running around having fun. We were pretty much playing pre-season minutes, which is working out well."
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"That's a great, great honor. I've never got that before. I've been player of the week, but player of the month is a lot tougher to get because you have to do it over the course of four straight weeks."
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"I knew it would be tough. I didn't know it would be this tough. I didn't know they would struggle this bad with the players that they have ... I don't know how it's going to work out this year, but they're going to be all right. They've just got to be patient."
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"It was a little different, but I'm happy to see those guys getting some important minutes, playing down the stretch when it really counted. Those minutes are when you really grow. Any move you make could be the best or worst move."
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"He almost carried us to a victory last night, and he did it tonight. He's just playing great basketball right now."
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"We're healthy. A couple of our guys sat out, a couple of our young boys got an opportunity to play. They all played well, so we're fine."
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"We come out this way and it's an advantage to have him and his staff because they've been in this conference for 10 years, and they know all these teams and all these players, all their tendencies. We know the basic stuff about these teams. We know what they like to do -- meat and potatoes. But they know them inside-out."
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"It was really an ugly game. We missed so many lay-ups. But when you're a good team, you win ugly games."
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