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11 Martin Cohen quotes:

"My sense is that we have a lot of (uninsured) folks out here who would take advantage of it."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"This is a real crisis heading our way that won't be felt until the bills start coming. Our best hope is to get lucky with a warmer than normal winter."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Currently, there is little or no overbuilding in any commercial real estate sector, and as the economy continues to grow and produce jobs, excess space is being absorbed, making occupancy rates rise. To build a building today costs materially more than six months ago or two years ago in most major cities."
"Energy markets have proven to be volatile, unpredictable and trending dramatically upwards. This auction would expose consumers to all of the risks of the market."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"He told me the reason was that his family came to the conclusion they didn't want to move (to Massachusetts)."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"You have no choice if you're going to live through the winter than to turn your heat on,"
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"In fact, the first week out, my little suitcase with my clothes in it was stolen."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"Utilities have a legal responsibility, not to mention a moral one, to ensure that their customers receive reliable service at the least possible cost, ... It's the commission's job to make sure that happens. It's a matter of having the proper incentives, both carrots and sticks, to make sure utilities do the best they can for their customers and have a fair opportunity to earn a profit."
"Any opinions I have are based on the same evidence that commissioners looked at. I haven't pre-judged anything. I don't have any preconceived notions. I have well-informed ideas."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"We'll start with an open mind."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"A 20 percent increase in the delivery service revenue is huge. It's the biggest we've ever seen,"
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Service Quotes

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