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8 Chad Knaus quotes:

"Everybody does whatever they can to find an advantage, ... Maybe we found a small advantage there, and maybe they're upset about it. But we're not pushing gray areas, that's a misconception."
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"Drivers don't know what' going in these race cars, ever. Jimmie isn't really into knowing what is going on with the race cars. He shows up and drives and gives his feedback and goes home."
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"In the face of adversity, this team fights so strong. We've got the best race car driver, the best team, the best engine, the best everything."
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"It's hard to place blame on anybody when you're racing in a pack that is that close with the speeds those guys are running out there. For the most part they all do a pretty good job. All it takes is one little slip-up by somebody or by two or three people, you're going to have a heck of a crash. It's just unfortunate."
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"There's fear at first, but you only understand what's happening for a split second. Then, it's over. Plus, if you hit something hard enough, it'll rattle your head, which means you don't really remember anything from the crash."
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"Just because I wasn't at those race tracks doesn't take anything away from what we've been doing. When I wasn't here, I was just as happy for this team winning races as I was today."
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"You get a team that goes out there and they find a little bit of something ... that advantage is going to seem larger then it is if the rules were not as tight because it's harder for other people to find whatever that advantage may be. I'm not saying [points leader Tony Stewart] has a huge advantage. What they've got is that they are hitting everything exactly right. When they have everything working just right, that's how it shows to be dominant."
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"We were testing too close to an event. We didn't have time to react once we got the cars back to the shop to make changes of any substance."
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