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"It feels good to be in that company, but it's not something I'm really concerned about. I think it'll mean a lot more at the end of the year when I can sit down and look at what I accomplished. Right now, I'm just trying to help this team win games."
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"It feels good to know that you have the support of your friends and family and the fans. We still have a chance in the (Western Athletic Conference) tournament, and that's all that matters."
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"We did it before, so we know we can do it again. And we already beat them at home, so I think we match up well with them. We might even get some mismatches because we're a little bigger."
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"We just took advantage of our size, which is something we need to continue to do."
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"Playing for Coach Wallace wasn't the easiest thing at first. I used to take his yelling personally and it would get me down. Now, I realize he's only trying to make me a better player. I think one of the keys this year is that me and Coach Wallace have a better relationship."
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"A dunk is only two points, but it's like it's worth more because of what it does to the other team. I know I'd rather get a dunk than hit a 3-pointer just because I think it gives myself and the team a little more confidence."
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