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"We gave them way more opportunities than they needed, and they took advantage of them."
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"We had a good season, but it's still a failure to me. That's in my eyes, that's nobody else's opinion, that's my opinion because I know what it's like to hold the trophy at the end. But anything less than that is a failure to me. . . . When we needed it the most, we didn't get it. Their team was better."
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"Some of those guys are going to have to grow up quick because in this business they are not going to wait on you. We still have to move forward whether you are here or not. You just hope they have a speedy recovery and they are out there showing their teammates what they can do, and when guys are not dressed out, it's hard to see."
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"He's in total control. He's the guy that you see when he leaves every week he's got a bag of tapes with him. The rest of us get DVDs, Jake gets a bag of tapes that he takes home to study to make sure that he can put all of us in the right position."
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"He took it upon himself to be the best professional football player that he can be. And he's changed a few things about himself and how he approaches the game and it's made his game that much better. He's kept us out of a ton of bad situations – not only with his arm, but with his legs and with his mind."
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"We're a team. We just have a bunch of guys that love to play football, and we're playing together and for each other each and every week. 'Do it for me, I'm doing it for you.' That's our thing."
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"[Howard Cosell had many detractors as a commentator on Monday Night Football, but he also helped drive up ratings.] When you heard that voice, you knew a big-time event was going on, ... Still, to this day, no one could ever emulate the things he had done. . . . He made it exciting to watch Monday Night Football."
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"You've got those two guys, and both of them want to be the other one, but it's fun. That's the thing. Those guys know what they do and how they really make their money. They get the chance to go on the other side of the ball and mess around a little bit."
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"Injuries are part of the game. We always put 11 out there. And that is going to be our 11 for that play or that day. That's all we can work with. We can't work with who's down or whatever, we just have to hold it together until the guys come back. The season is long. We're just seven games in, and we've got a long way to go."
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"I hope he buys a Rolls-Royce and lets me drive it."
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"I've got to get the Terrible Towels out to root for the Steelers so we can play at home. Nothing against the Colts, but I just want to play at home."
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"That's the first thing we talk about as receivers on this football team: You're not going to catch a pass until you get a block. That's something we stress each and every day. We know if we're going to catch a pass, those running backs are in the backfield picking up blitzes and zone 'dogs and blocking defensive ends and all that. For us, it's a team thing. We don't play receiver; we play football, whatever that means. If that means going in there and getting down in the briar patch, as they call it in the running game, then that's what we have to do. If we so happen to catch a pass, so be it."
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"It was a prioritization that said tax cuts are the central need of government. It didn't talk about how we need to invest in schools."
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"I don't think that's something the governor makes decisions about. I'm going to let local government decide whether a dog gets to go in. I hope they do."
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"For us, that was like heaven."
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"My background is one of a guy who actively worked on the side of labor when I could have gone to the other side. They're not going to have to educate me or inform me - I understand their concerns."
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"I'm p---ed off, trust me. But what can I do about it now? All I can do is go to work tomorrow (and) look at the tape hard."
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"PHP as a language isn't isolated and people are going to be building SOA types of applications using XML and SOAP,"
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"It's not the worst thing in the world to send back money to folks, I've never had a gripe about it. The worst thing to do is to send back money to folks when you didn't pay the bills you had and that's what I'm against."
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"We knew this was going to be our night. We knew it all week. This was one of those special weeks. We heard all week about how there was no way New England could lose. We had a great week and knew this was going to be the night."
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