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12 Diane Swonk quotes:

"Not only are retailers doing more with less, like every other large corporation, and taking advantage of six fewer days in the shopping season, but they are actually hiring less this holiday shopping season, so there's fewer people on the floors actually helping consumers out."
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"These testimonies are to shape people's expectation of future moves. If you're not sure where you are going then why change it?"
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Expectation Quotes
"To be turning our backs on people who want to work is kind of silly in an environment where you've got tight labor markets and we're getting older and need younger people to work."
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It's all part of adding certainty in a chaotic situation."
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Certainty Quotes
"He'd like to bring in inflation targeting. (But) he must build consensus to do so and he doesn't have consensus now. I think he's going to make a smooth transition, but it's going to be an evolution in policy change."
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Evolution Quotes Consensus Quotes
"Once they get that debt paid off, it's just free cash flow."
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"I think the market is tired of Christmas. We've already seen the Christmas reports. As far as the market is concerned, that's old news."
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"The question is not whether the consumer is slowing. From the Fed's perspective, it's whether the consumer is slowing down fast enough to keep inflation in check,"
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes Inflation Quotes
"In the aftermath of Katrina, the effect on the labor market from the fallout has been limited."
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"It's all vehicle sales and gas. Chain-store sales were relatively strong during the month, suggesting consumers diverted their vehicle spending to other sectors. We also had a cold snap which prompted early spending on winter wear."
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"The effect of the strike will be to short-circuit momentum in the U.S. economy, but we are well positioned to absorb it,"
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"We've got the strongest overall profit performance in 30 years, and these are real profits, not the fake ones we saw in the late 1990s."
Author: Swonk Quotes Category: Performance Quotes

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