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Jeff Weber Quotes

6 Jeff Weber quotes:

"The history of claims against the military in most instances don't get resolved through the form 95 but through litigation. We would be very pleased if they want to sit down with us, but their history doesn't make us very optimistic."
Author: Weber Quotes Category: History Quotes
"Most people get the flu shot September, October - it lasts about 3 months so they aren't covered -sometimes even if you have the flu shot you can get the flu."
Author: Weber Quotes Category: People Quotes
"It's fundamentally different than anything that's out there today, whether it be traditional cable service or satellite. It's much more like the way you get clips over the computer today across the Internet."
Author: Weber Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"Hard fought battle between two teams. We missed our opportunities inside and Lourdes took advantage of them."
Author: Weber Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"My fundamental sense of it is, we haven't set the bar high enough, ... I think the quality issue is one that needs to be reviewed. Are we getting quality?"
Author: Weber Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"We're upset we didn't win, but it's obvious we're getting better, and sometimes you have to take baby steps. We could have done better, but it was a good weekend and gave us something to build on."
Author: Weber Quotes Category: Babies Quotes

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