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17 Shane Warne quotes:

"I think he would be the first to say he had a bit of luck, ... He hung in there and toughed it out, which is one of the hallmarks of the series."
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"Where it came from I don't know. But if people are trying to unsettle me personally and the team all together through the newspapers, it won't work. We'll be looking into this article in particular and taking it from there."
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"If we can keep this side together and the boys continue to play the way they have - and a couple of our young players start to make some runs - we'll be as good as anyone around."
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"I think he'll be fine because he's a champion, ... In these situations champions come to the top and if he can get the ball down to the other end then I think he'll play - he wouldn't let himself or the team down by saying he's right when he's not."
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"It is definitely on my mind but, if it doesn't happen, I will still be happy if we win and I take a few wickets along the way."
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"I've obviously got a psychological advantage being a spinner against those guys, with the record that I've got against South Africa. If they want to juice [the wicket] up and negate me, I'll take my 0 for 40 and we win in three days. That means a series win and a couple of days of golf. I'll take it every time."
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"I think he's a class player. He's proven he's one of the best fast bowlers for as long as we've been playing and I'm sure he'll be in the World Cup and lead the attack as he always has and do well. He's a big-match player, when the World Cup comes around McGrath will take the new rock and do extremely well. I don't think there's any doubt about Glenn McGrath being there."
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"Gamesmanship, banter, trash talk, sledging... whatever you call it, has been part of cricket for a long time. We will play hard to win and anybody who plays us will be tested both physically and mentally. If they aren't up to it, we'll win easily."
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"[Nor, he tried to insist, would the series' epic quality.] If we don't win I won't enjoy it, ... As a Test cricketer - and I've played 120-odd [126] - the series you remember are the close ones. A two-day Test against Zimbabwe or Bangladesh is not that enjoyable. Going to India and being tested in their conditions, playing South Africa, playing England the way they are playing now - they are the series people remember. As players you want to be tested. You don't want easy games. At the moment everybody is being tested. A Test match is a test of your technique, your patience, a test of everything about you."
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"He should worry about getting a good wicket and keeping quiet."
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"If you're doing well it doesn't matter how old you are, ... There was all that stuff at the beginning of the series about how we wouldn't be able to stand up to back-to-back Tests. I'm the oldest in the side and I've done OK so that's rubbish."
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"Criticism is never nice, but you accept it because it comes with the territory. Stories that are completely unsubstantiated and untrue are another matter,"
"He was trying to be funny but he's the one we'll probably look back at next year and I bet we'll be laughing at him like we did tonight."
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"I think he lives in such a rarified bubble these days, he doesn't understand what reality is any more."
"I wasn't that happy with the way I bowled, I struggled for rhythm, I even bowled a few no-balls and things like that."
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"[But England have not achieved greatness yet, nor Australia not lost this test of character.] I think we have come though pretty well in tough situations, ... We batted against the wall and made 379."
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"Shane needs constant support, encouragement and reassurance that he is the man. He loves to be loved."

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