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"We're excited. We had a good practice out there yesterday in the field and it will be good to be home so we can start to find out our routine. We've had some pretty good success here on our home field, so we're looking forward to playing and opening it up."
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"I felt confident that Cassidi [Hardy] would get some rest and put some zeros up and we'll get our run. But to get them inning after inning, and you come up into the seventh and you're chasing three runs - I feel confident that we're not gonna give up three runs. I was real happy that we finished things off."
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"We didn't think we were down or in trouble. I liked to see that we got the 3-2 [lead] and still got the next two [runs] after that. That's something we have lacked at times. It's hard enough to get three runs across but to get five is huge."
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"I told my players that we have worked too hard to give up now."
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"The benefit is that with Harvard being so close we can probably make up a game or maybe two at some point. The problem with Rhode Island is that, you know, it's an hour and 45 minutes [away]. So at least with Harvard we can decide last minute, probably in the morning, whether or not to play, and then probably make it up if we can't."
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"We are more spread out in talent this year. I'm not naïve to the fact that we're going to have growing pains. We've got to let the talent fly."
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"It gives you an advantage. The second game we got a little better swings at her and the third game the same. It just helps -- you have an idea of what they are throwing."
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"We did a pretty good job. It's just hard to lose no matter what the circumstances."

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