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"He's tougher than he looks. His body is slight still because of his age [21]. And he's mentally tough."
"We did a great job of collapsing and a great job on the glass. We had a big advantage on the boards and Tyson was a big part of that, especially on the offensive end. We were all scrappy tonight."
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"A.D.'s leadership presence is definitely something we've missed. There's no doubt about that. And Griff was very important to our team. We miss that (veteran leadership)."
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"His personality has definitely come out this year, there's no doubt about it. He's much more comfortable around the guys. With the coaches, we could always have a basketball conversation with him last year because he understood the basketball terminology. But just as far as other conversations, it wasn't terribly difficult but it's much more easy now."
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"We've got to do a better job with that chain of events."
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"He's setting off a chain of events that we're having a hard time dealing with."
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"For whatever reason, we are not fighting back when other teams give us a blow."
"We'd like to come out and win the first quarter. Both games, they've given us a body blow right off the jump and we just haven't been ready enough."
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"Typical dad stuff, ... Spending time with my two boys, going to their little league games. And following the NBA, like always."
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"Luther's been great. I liked watching him in college. I think he's a great all-around player. My feeling is, wherever his career is going, he's probably going to continue to get minutes. He looks like a good pro guard to me."
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"With our group, we've found that this works for us. Nobody's complained. We don't have much of a complaining group."
"I just read a couple of [Raptors coach] Sam Mitchell quotes that sounded like he was going to be there."
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"I suppose that's a good question. I don't know. Would there be a conflict of interest there because he was in Washington? I really haven't given that a whole lot of thought."
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"But we've all made spur-of-the-moment decisions that maybe we look back on and wish we hadn't made."
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"He could definitely help us by practicing, but I don't know why we would even fool around with that [now]. The only way we could consider that is if the medical people said there was absolutely no chance it would hurt him."
"We're three games down with 17 to go and two tough ones this weekend. That's why it's the NBA ? it's a tough business. We got to respond now."
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"We know we're not a title-contending team right now, but in the history of teams winning titles they tend to take their lumps for a little while before they finally get there."
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"Jason Williams, sort of in a quiet manner, hurt us."
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"I don't know how badly he was hurt. So no, I wasn't surprised."
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"At one point we had 11 field goals and eight of them were assisted. I thought our ball movement was good again, we played very unselfishly in general and we did what we had to do. We talked about trying to put them down early at least. It doesn't always work out the way you talk about it, but at least you get a nice lead and see how they react."
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