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"What atonement is there for blood spilt upon the earth?"
"What exists outside is a man's concern; let no woman give advice; and do no mischief within doors."
"What good is it to live a life that brings pains?"
"When a man's willing and eager the god's join in."
"Who apart from the gods is without pain for his whole lifetime's length?"
"You have been trapped in the inescapable net of ruin by your own want of sense."
"I, schooled in misery, know many purifying rites, and I know where speech is proper and where silence."
"And though all streams flow from a single course to cleanse the blood from polluted hand, they hasten on their course in vain."
"Everyone's quick to blame the alien."
"Everyone, to those weaker than themselves, is kind"
Author: Aeschylus Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety"
Author: Aeschylus Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"Words are the physicians of a mind diseased"
Author: Aeschylus Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"Memory is the mother of all wisdom"
Author: Aeschylus Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"Ah, lives of men! When prosperous they glitter - Like a fair picture; when misfortune comes - A wet sponge at one blow has blurred the painting"
Author: Aeschylus Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"Only when a man's life comes to its end in prosperity dare we pronounce him happy"
Author: Aeschylus Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"It is not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath"
Author: Aeschylus Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"Human prosperity never rests but always craves more, till blown up with pride it totters and falls. From the opulent mansions pointed at by all passers-by none warns it away, none cries, 'Let no more riches enter!'."
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