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"With the new ones, not only can't you feel air, you can't even hear fire trucks when they go by."
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"[Stars owner Tom Hicks said the owners are solidly behind Bettman, and he does not expect many differing opinions at the meeting in New York.] There are economic differences between the teams, so I'm sure some teams want to get playing because they're losing money by not playing, ... But I anticipate we will come out of this with a total resolve to fix the system, and we'll press forward in trying to accomplish that goal."
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"It's disappointing, it really is. Our players know the rules. They know they are going to be tested. If any of them get caught, shame on them. I am disappointed."
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"John has an important job here with the Rangers. I want him as part of our team as we move forward and I am glad he has decided to stay with our organization."
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"It means a little stability, a little security."
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"The management team he (Hart) put in place allows me to promote Jon Daniels to become the youngest general manager in major league history,"
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"We have experienced problems with the pay stations that we are trying to work through, but it created such a level of customer dissatisfaction that I thought it necessary to remove them from service while we resolve the issues."
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