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9 Helio Castroneves quotes:

"Close to the end, when I saw Sam coming, I tried to make a move. I tried to take advantage of the momentum, put me side by side with Dan. But it just was not enough. If we would be like NASCAR and have bumpers, I'm sure we would have won the race by now."
"I need my blood to calm down."
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"I'm definitely optimistic about our competitiveness in 2006. I think if this team works hard all year, we'll be in good shape for the championship. There are so many good drivers in this series, it won't be easy, but that is what makes winning all the better."
"This is a good way to improve your concentration."
"We had some trouble with the engine electronics this afternoon. I still think we're in good shape."
"Let me show that I have that (talent)."
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"Everything is going the way we are planning but until the checkered flag, you can't count on it. Today, we are extremely happy. That's what we need to be thinking about and enjoy this moment."
"They have to worry about finishing ahead of me. I have to just finish ahead of them. At this point of the season, you don't think what might happen or keep track of the points; you just go for it, and that is what we are planning right now."
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"You can't make a grave move with 60 laps to go. It's a lack of patience, ... If a guy is not in the points, he doesn't have to take your points away. He went from hero to zero -- to be in the pole position and then to make a move like he did."

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