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8 John Pescatore quotes:

"The problem is the Webmasters control the Web server,"
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"The Linux community doesn't want to be seen as ambulance chasers. Companies that don't follow etiquette rules in security lose share."
"The spreading of the worm has slowed down slightly, but the real cost is going back and cleaning computers."
"In this case, the person who is sending out the information is the one that's responsible."
"People who sell this data need to have a verification system, and they don't. The enforcement is lax."
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"That's a killer piece of plumbing that's built into Windows that does give Microsoft a huge advantage."
"Princeton is definitely a really tough crew to beat. I think our crew rowed a race somewhere between OK and good -- I think they have a little bit more in them."
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"Vendors have not always been in synch about what is the best way to offer security functions to handheld device users."
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