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17 Martin Reynolds quotes:

"In places where this processor works well, it's going to provide a big advantage over everybody else,"
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"The one thing they have to be careful of is not driving clicks to advertising sites just to build revenues. They have to be legitimate clicks."
"It's really the next step in the evolution of desktop management systems. Today, management systems rely on the integrity of the operating system that they're trying to manage, and most of the time the reason you want to manage something is because the operating system is broken. Intel is breaking that link with these new systems."
"Intel has pretty much dominated the computing environment, but it made some decisions that cramped its progress. It hasn't been able to handle the needed performance increases."
"Ultimately, all these decisions are about money. If you're running a business, you've got to have income, and the income has got to cover expenses. And if you want to keep your position as CEO, you'd better satisfy the stockholders."
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"When a company basically admits it was caught and settles in a big, public way, it really changes the landscape in terms of competition. It also puts other companies on notice that the government has the ability to find out about what are supposed to be back-room dealings."
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"The company built their name around modems, but the days of modems are long past,"
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"We think within three years, 60 percent of all desktop computers shipped will be these small form-factor devices. And that could happen even sooner."
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"Big RISC computers are used, for example, in payment-card processing, banking, and airline reservations."
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"Tiffany would really like to restrict secondary sales of its products, as this would then force people to buy exclusively from Tiffany. The net effect would be to increase Tiffany's sales."
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"There are some little bits falling off the edge, small things, that may ultimately have an influence on the industry."
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"There will be significant new demands on application developers and enterprise I.T. buyers. Architectural shifts could bring fast growth in processor cores, especially for server devices."
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"You are going to get much better value from x86 processors and the demand for cheaper processors is growing."
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"Digital cameras are driven entirely by technology."
"We were optimistic and expecting some turnaround in the third quarter with strength in the fourth quarter. But what's happening is that the signs are so poor, we're not confident we're going to see that now."
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"Without companies like Red Hat providing support, Linux would be a lot less popular than it is now, ... because it gives businesses the sense of security and support structure they need in order for an enterprise-wide deployment."
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"AMT is clever. The real key is remote management. It integrates into the platform. A microcontroller allows an administrator to wake the system up, even when it's lights out."

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