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"He's done a nice job of taking advantage of his opportunities."
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"Unfortunately he had no command of any pitch tonight. It made it real difficult on him to have any consistency. He had trouble throwing his fastball where he needed to and so he had no way to set up anything else. He was just was out of synch today. Every pitcher is going to have those days."
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"We were lucky to get the two games in. Both teams played hard under the circumstances. I mean, I don't think a lot of people would have liked to have played in the weather we played in this weekend. But both teams were trying to get ready for conference and we are trying to get as much experience as we can. You just can't control certain things."
"It was a little bit surprising. Under the circumstances, knowing what everybody else in the conference has returning and knowing that they know our situation, it is very interesting. Preseason polls, they only say so much. The proof is what happens after everyone plays 56 games."
"How you can turn a 3-2 game into a 12-4 game in the span of about 15 minutes is just unbelievable. And it just wasn't any one thing that we went through. It was a series of things."
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"This team's played hard all of every game this season. That's how you get back into the groove."
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"In all honesty, we scored seven runs and that should have been enough to win the game. I give them credit, though. They are a hot team right now and they did what they needed to do. They forced us to make plays and we didn't make them."
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"That was the key to the game. We were cruising right along but they got two quick runs without really having to work at it and they were getting some momentum. But as soon as we hit those back-to-back home runs, it took the momentum right away."
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"Everything is still a work in progress right now. We are trying to get things put together. We, as a coaching staff, have a better idea of what each guy can contribute and what roles each guy might evolve into. But we still haven't played enough games. We might actually have a better idea of what certain guys can't do."
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