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"It's a special treat. They've been around basketball long enough that some of that's in their blood."
"I use the lack of a shot clock to my advantage for my team. If there was a shot clock, I'd change my philosophy on how to approach the game."
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"I knew they had some talent. The question was whether we could bring discipline to that talent. During the course of the year, I think we've done that."
"I think both teams, obviously, have a whole lot more experience this time of the year than we did (then). Both programs were still in the early stages of development. From our standpoint, we had quite a few freshmen stepping up."
"We're extremely excited about this opportunity. We always try to make our schedule as tough as we can, and this is an added challenge."
"Emily had a real good game today. We saw an opportunity to use her abilities, and it worked. We were able to have her leak out, run the floor in transition and get some easy baskets. She's explosive, and we reaped the benefits of that today by turning her loose."
"I coached both of them at the AAU level and tried to teach the game of basketball. In some ways I think they've kind of appreciated that type of insight to it, versus maybe just organizing and going out and playing hard. It's nice that they're getting involved with it on a voluntary basis."

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