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"People come, people go. Life melts like snow. From the Earth below, to Heaven it goes..."
Author: bejo Quotes Category: Death Quotes
"Every love story is a leap of faith. There is no such thing 100% sure, we know that. Each step of the way is a risk and an adventure. Love is putting our trust in a person who could mold or break us, who could neglect or take care of us. Faith starts where reason ends..."
Author: bejo Quotes Category: Adventure Quotes
"In our world where everything is a number, struggle to be a plus to anybody, rather than a minus."
Author: bejo Quotes Category: Inspirational Quotes
"Today, I will stand in front of the mirror and tell my self 'I love every piece of you for you're God's masterpiece?"
Author: bejo Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"Today, I will forgive those people who have hurt me, and I will forgive myself for letting them hurt me..."
Author: bejo Quotes Category: Famous Quotes
"Today, I will smile and tell a kid that God loves all children regardless of their skin colors ... ?(-???-?)?"
Author: bejo Quotes Category: God Quotes
"To speak what's right is not hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is when you stop fighting for what is right because you thought you're guilty. Everybody is guilty."
Author: bejo Quotes Category: Guilt Quotes
"Today, I will refuse to be defined by my failures or victories or DNA or what other people say I am. Each day, I am a new person, a new hope, a new creation..."
Author: bejo Quotes Category: Creation Quotes

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