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Mark Hamilton Quotes

10 Mark Hamilton quotes:

"I remember the day I finally got the Falcon after missing out at Christmas. They were like gold dust and impossible for Santa to find, ... I got it for my birthday and was the happiest kid alive. Many of my friends would meet up after school and play out battles in the street, gardens, sandpits, forests or anywhere our imaginations could take us."
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"I heard about this opportunity, and it just seemed like an adventure."
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"The overall quality of women's golf is getting better, ... It's a natural evolution that these players are better."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Evolution Quotes
"It has cost me a small fortune but most people in the music industry have a bad habit of some sort, ... I buy everything I can get my hands on that I don't have, usually as it's released. With touring you get to visit so many stores in different towns it works out really well. At Midnight Madness this past April, I rushed to a Toys R Us and Wal-Mart straight after our show in Portland and spent a couple of grand on the new stuff. The bus is usually packed with boxes by the end of any tour and I become pretty unpopular for hoarding all the cupboards."
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"Also Yoda 's scenes with the Emperor are so show stealing, especially when he Force flings Palpatine head over heels, ... I laughed aloud when Obi-Wan drops in to confront Grievous and his droids on Utapau . With a smirk, completely unbothered by being massively outnumbered he quips, 'Hello there.' Such cocky bravado from a Jedi , really!"
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"We went for a late night walk around the grounds and lake; it was so tranquil and silent, ... The inn itself is a privilege to stay in. Each room is uniquely decorated and named after a person of great inspiration to George. There is a great stone fireplace were you can sit up late and drink and talk. But my favorite part of the whole Ranch has to be the atmosphere. Everyone you meet is happy to be there, and the views are amazing. The Ranch is possibly one of the most serene, beautiful places I've ever been to. Thousands of acres of rolling grass hills, forest, lakes and wildlife. Then you have these amazing state-of-the-art buildings. Big Rock Ranch is also a stunning building like an enormous Japanese ski lodge. What a place to work; the toy-licensing department is where I can see my self one day!"
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"Technology is enabling the restaurant industry to use the accountant very similarly to other industries."
"It's all about learning what the nerves do to your body, and how to counteract it,"
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"Ash was in the States on tour just before Celebration III, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to stay a few days extra and go as there is nothing like that in Europe, ... I went with some friends from LucasArts (who we got to know through Republic Commando ) and they got me an all-access pass which was sweet. It was an amazing time! The 501st's costumes were fantastic, the presentation of Revenge of the Sith footage whipped everyone into frenzy and George's announcement of the TV series was music to everyone's ears. I loved the Droid Builder's room and it was hard to curb the spending in the exhibition hall. My favorite moment was watching a toddler looking up at Red Royal Guard, awestruck, as her ice cream fell to the floor."
"It was interesting to see that Bail Organa only ordered for C-3PO's memory to be wiped, ... That says a lot about Artoo and how much he knows in the later episodes. After all, Artoo is my favorite character. He's a cheeky upstart but saves the day so many times. He's courageous, takes a right battering but never complains, just gets on with it. You can bet he's a blast to party with and the one the girls all love."
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