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"As I keep on saying we're like our soldiers -- we will never allow adversity to get us down -- we keep on coming back. We know we're a front-running team and this could be the lift we needed to get us on a positive streak."
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"Not much to say except the Army Chevy was a little loose and I lost it after trying real hard to pass the No. 11 car (Denny Hamlin). Fortunately our car didn't suffer any damage, but the incident did drop us to the rear of the field."
"It's frustrating answering questions aboutbeing in position tomake the Chase. The waythe Army team has run this year, we shouldn't even be talking about this because we should be locked into the Chase right now."
"Everything was right today. We got behind early, but the Army Chevy was so good that we were able to fight our way back to the front. We were looking for a better finish, but considering all of the bad luck we've had recently it feels good to come away with a top-10 result."
"Except for only a few races this year, we've had good cars at every Nextel Cup event. We've had our share of bad breaks, but we continue with the fight. Like our soldiers, we never give up. Never!"
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"We didn't need that last caution because Dale Jr. and the No. 97 (Kurt Busch) were sitting ducks. But that's the way it goes and you take what you can get."
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"We were going backwards until that caution came out (on Lap 240). Ryan (Pemberton, crew chief) made a great call to free up the car."
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"Before that incident, we still had some hope of getting the Army car fixed and back in the hunt. But when I made contact with Green's out-of-control car, I thought we were done for the day and ready to load the car into the hauler. We had significant damage."
"I didn't have any warning, it (the engine) just let go. It was very unfortunate because the Army Chevy was stout."
"I'm really proud of this entire U.S. Army team,"
"The pride of driving the Army car is immense. I have so much passion for our soldiers. They're my heroes, and I want to give them something back in return. A victory tonight and in the Daytona 500 would be a great start."
"I am comfortable at the Texas track -- I've had good runs there in the past."
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"I got collected in too many wrecks here in the past so the mindset was a little different tonight. The Army Chevy was competitive, but we were stuck in the back for most of the race. I just had to be patient and use my head about what I did. I wanted to avoid the wrecks and take care of the equipment so I would have something at the end."
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"I am part of a very talented team and that's why I go into every race feeling that this could be the weekend that we will pull out a win. Trouble seems to find us. But if we can have a clean race in Texas, I am confident the Army Chevy will be part of the lead pack of cars."
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"We're going to race just as hard in the final 10 races as we have in the first 26,"
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"We like the two-mile tracks. Again, it's just a matter of staying out of trouble and not having any fluke things happen to us. I'm not a bit concerned about performance. When you have a MB2-built car and a Hendrick engine you don't worry about power and performance."
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"[This week: Nemechek has been looking forward to the return trip to California Speedway since his strong run there in February. He led the most laps (63) and was enjoying a comfortable lead when his engine failed with 70 laps remaining.] I feel like a heavyweight fighter who got knocked out and is anxious to get on with the rematch, ... We had victory in sight, but in an instant we went from domination to being stunned in the garage with a broken motor."
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"This is a sister track to Michigan and we should do well and be there at the end challenging for a win."
"That was a good call by Ryan. And overall, it wasn't a bad result today. We had two bad-luck runs coming into this race and needed to get some points, which we did. Again, the Army Chevy was strong, it responded to changes and right now everything is looking really good for our team."
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"Hopefully that luck cycle is starting to turn in our favor."
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