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Rick Jackson Quotes

15 Rick Jackson quotes:

"We did a good job on getting some timely hitting. Even though we did leave some kids on base."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"It was a good second game. They say you improve the most from game one to do game two. I was really pleased with the effort all the way around."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"We're starting to see some improvement. The kids are getting settled in on the line-up and we're coming together. Anytime you win a region game that's big."
"If you want to find out how a company feels about your personal privacy, don't look at their privacy statement, look at their business model, ... That's their business model. If it's a question of profit versus privacy, profits come first every time."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"We're going to have to pass some of this on in some form to our customers,"
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Customers Quotes
"I never met a man that more personified the ideas of a Southern gentleman. And I've never heard another radio man who was better at connecting with his listeners."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"All we do is practice, eat, sleep, practice, eat, sleep."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"We had some good plays, ... There were some good licks passed Monday night."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"We found our running game,"
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"The linemen were doing their job and I wouldn't be running if it wasn't for them."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"Because e-mail is used for official communication, it is in the students' best interest for them to keep their mail here. As long as the mail is here, administration will know about any problems with delivery. If it is not here, then one must assume the student has received the mail."
"We're here to make sure the community gets a fair trial. The people we're red-flagging are the people that aren't going to be fair to us, fair to the community."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"The boy never ceases to amaze me with the accomplishments. He just works hard through a lot of adversity. He's focused and pretty responsible for his age. We started this journey in junior league. I put him in there because I wanted to get him fairly decent in high school. I just never dreamed it'd be this."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"[Wilkerson joins one of more than 9,000 customers to enroll in BioPay's Paycheck Secure system at the Piggly Wiggly in Greenville, NC, a store that to date has cashed more than $24 million in payroll checks since the system installation in late 2002.] Our customers appreciate the speed and convenience of cashing their checks by just putting their finger down, ... Hard-working members of our community who are without a bank account have a difficult time cashing their weekly paycheck. Piggly Wiggly wanted to help the community by offering a payroll check cashing service without the concern of possible fraud. Paycheck Secure solves both problems making it convenient for the customers and virtually eliminates the fraud."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Customers Quotes
"Unfortunately today, software and failure are too frequently linked, and we as an industry need to start tackling the software problem with the urgency it deserves. The root cause of this problem is often the complex and inefficient way that software is delivered. To reduce the complexity and increase the predictability of software delivery, we are offering customers a series of packaged, maturity-based solutions that leverage our global process expertise, our comprehensive library of process assets and templates, and our award-winning ALM technology."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Failure Quotes

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