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14 Mike Gundy quotes:

"We were dealt some adversity in the fourth quarter and we handled it very effectively in this game. We were able to drive the ball at the end. I wanted to go down there and score and not leave them any time on the clock."
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"I let my aggressiveness take me over there. A smart coach would have kicked a field goal."
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"I thought Al did a good job for just being thrown into the fire. He understands structure. He understands blitzes. He understands coverage and it has paid off for him."
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"We had to pull a guy in that has an unbelievable amount of integrity and character and say that we think that this guy has the potential to be better than you are at this position,"
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"Our coaching staff is very pleased with the signing class for today. We've addressed some needs that will really help us early in the season."
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"Donovan started all the games in 2004 and took most of the reps with the first team in spring practice. It will benefit our team and the offense to have an up-and-coming youngster like Bobby Reid at quarterback."
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"We discussed it in a mature manner, and he handled it with integrity,"
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"Recruiting is not a perfect science but our staff worked hard because we know how important it is."
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"We knew they were going to make mistakes. We knew they were going to make big plays. We didn't want them to think if they did something wrong they weren't going to get back in forever."
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"Donovan has had more practice reps, but in the last 10-12 days, Bobby has gotten considerably better. We thought if he could take the majority of practice reps, it would give him the opportunity to excel."
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"We look at the problems from the last game and try to get them fixed, but ... none of that really matters any more. What can we do to score enough points to beat Colorado? That's all that matters."
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"He's got some potential to make some big plays."
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"We pride ourselves here on special teams."
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"They gave up 10 points. I did not know how it was going to work with all the jumping around we did. As an offensive coach, if a team did that to me, I would just run it. However, that is not their team."
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