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"I couldn't be prouder of them if they had won. It kind of epitomizes what they're about and, I hope, what this program is about."
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"I was just heartbroken for our kids. Obviously, there has been a lot of things on the line for this team all year and a lot of disappointments and a lot of things they had to deal with."
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"A lot of the things you see today in the game of women's basketball are due to a large price earlier paid by people such as Sue Gunter."
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"The thing you know about Iowa State is their crowd gains energy with the 3-point shot, so we really want to take that away."
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"The emotion we've gone through in the last several weeks and all the things we've dealt with already ... I think it's the best move for the program right now. There's a process you have to go through to get a coach in place. To delay that any more didn't seem like the right thing to do right now."
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"I think, as you would expect, they're struggling just a little bit. There was some emotion from my side too."
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"We've gone through some things that haven't been a lot of fun. They deserve to win one at the buzzer instead of having it go the other way."
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"I have a lot of strong belief in those guys in that locker room. They've handled a lot of adversity this year, from a lot of different angles. I have all the faith in the world that they'll be ready to play Sunday afternoon in Austin."
Author: Sharp Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"I can't fault anything that happened with our kids. They have been warriors and have tried to fight through some things and keep themselves alive for a while. Hopefully, the committee will reward that, and they will get to play another day."
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