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11 Mac Gifford quotes:

"I haven't seen her physically. But I would say that I feel a sense of confidence that she is behind what we are doing over here."
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"God only knows the player with the most determination and fight is Katie, and seeing her go down early because she can't move is tough on everybody. It really affects (the team)."
"I like it when we play with emotion. The emotion makes it fun, makes it interesting and it's the emotional matches that you remember."
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"You could see the drama and the toll it was taking on their body language. It was very emotional."
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"There is no doubt in my mind after seeing the Southern Miss match, West Virginia match, and even the Troy match, there is a lot of fight and determination in this team. And if they are healthy they can (win)."
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"Ashley is a very consistent player; that's her strength. She just is a very solid tennis player."
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"I don't like starting the season off on the road, but I don't have much choice. Getting opponents to come here (during the winter) is very difficult."
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"We've done well with adversity, and we've done well playing with a woman short. We're older and we're better, and we have higher expectations."
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"We want to show that we can play with anyone in the east and in the country. We're taking it one step at a time so that we can build the program."
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"When we came away with this one, we learned more about ourselves. Its not just about talent and work, it's about how much fight you have in you on that particular day."
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"We set many goals for ourselves this year, and one of those was to beat Yale. We just wanted it that badly and we fought."
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