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137 Lord Byron quotes:

"And yet a little tumult, now and then, is an agreeable quickener of sensation; such as a revolution, a battle, or an adventure of any lively description."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Adventure Quotes
"There is another old poet whose name I do not now remember who said, Adversity is the first path to truth"
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"Absence - that common cure of love."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Absence Quotes
"Good but rarely came from good advice"
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"Think'st thou existence doth depend on time? It doth; but actions are our epochs"
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"I am about to be married, and am of course in all the misery of a man in pursuit of happiness."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Wedding Quotes British Poet Quotes
"I have great hopes that we shall love each other all our lives as much as if we had never married at all."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Wedding Quotes British Poet Quotes
"All who joy would win must share it. Happiness was born a Twin."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes British Poet Quotes
"'Tis very certain the desire of life prolongs it."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Death Quotes British Poet Quotes
"Friendship is Love without his wings!"
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Love Quotes British Poet Quotes
"America is a model of force and freedom and moderation - with all the coarseness and rudeness of its people."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: America Quotes British Poet Quotes
"What is the worst of woes that wait on age? What stamps the wrinkle deeper on the brow? To view each loved one blotted from life's page, And be alone on earth, as I am now"
"A lady of a `certain age', which means / Certainly aged."
"A lady of a ''certain age,'' which means certainly aged."
"I always looked to about thirty as the barrier of any real or fierce delight in the passions, and determined to work them out in the younger ore and better veins of the mine --and I flatter myself (perhaps) that I have pretty well done so --and now the dross is coming."
"It was one of the deadliest and heaviest feelings of my life to feel that I was no longer a boy. From that moment I began to grow old in my own esteem --and in my esteem age is not estimable."
"My time has been passed viciously and agreeably; at thirty-one so few years months days hours or minutes remain that ''Carpe Diem'' is not enough. I have been obliged to crop even the seconds -- for who can trust to tomorrow?"
"Of all the barbarous middle ages, that which is most barbarous is the middle age of man! it is -- I really scarce know what; but when we hover between fool and sage, and don't know justly what we would be at -- a period something like a printed page, black letter upon foolscap, while our hair grows grizzled, and we are not what we were."
"The negroes more philosophy displayed, - / Used to it, no doubt, as eels are to be flayed."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"Sleep hath its own world, and a wide realm of wild reality. And dreams in their development have breath, and tears, and tortures, and the touch of joy."

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