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"This has been a season where the NL West has been through a lot of adversity. Every team's had some severe injuries to big-name players. That's just the coincidence of the season, so it's nothing that you can change at this point."
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"I think his experience is invaluable. He doesn't have any fear and he doesn't take his time. He dictates the pace, and it's a quick pace. I think it's good for him to be in this role, being where we are, having his experience. I think he can handle it probably better than any other pitcher we have."
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"It's been very exciting, with a little bit of mixed emotions at first. I've made my home in San Diego and feel pretty entrenched there. But from a baseball standpoint, I'm very excited to play here with this team that has this type of tradition and fan base."
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"That's baseball. They were able to capitalize on their good fortune. That's what good teams do."
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"He's a solid player and all-around good guy. Baseball has gotten away from guys like that, and I would like to see it go back to that."
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"I have never experienced it before, at any level. Not little league, college or high school. Just complete euphoria. You kind of have to take a step back and think, 'Is the game really over?' Do the math real quick. It's a tremendous feeling to say the least."
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"It always gives you confidence when Jake's out there for us."
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"Obviously with Congress kind of stepping up their intensity in terms of legislation, that pushed both sides to get it done a little quicker. I don't know whether this will stop legislation. It remains to be seen if this is sufficient enough. It was our view that whatever we could negotiate together would be better than having the government legislate over us."
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"It always gives you confidence when Jake's out there for us,"
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"Those guys are probably the most potent 3-4 guys in all of baseball."
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"My strength has been consistency, playing the same way every day. If you don't, baseball can drive you nuts. You can make a fundamentally sound swing and get a negative return. Then, you can make a poor swing and get a positive return. It is a roller coaster that you can't ride."
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"You take as many variables out of your game as possible, and it helps turn the percentages more in your favor. Tony said, 'Hit the ball as hard as you can. If you do, you will be happy more than unhappy.' He was right."
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"I don't think there's any better 3-4 combination you could have behind you in the game. Maybe in history."
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"I met the team in Minnesota. I pinch-hit against Eddie Guardado and struck out. We came back home and I got my first hit against Kenny Rogers. I got 50 at-bats [batting .260]. I was able to have my buddies from college come up and watch me that first month, so it was a pretty special time."
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"He's a threat, ... just because of his reputation alone."
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"We've got to get on base and score when we have the opportunity. Even in the five or six hole, I'll be taking the same approach with the hit-and-run, moving the ball around. That's how you manufacture runs."
"Coco will be running. He'll be stealing some bases."
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"Talking to Tito, he has kind of a National League mind-set. He likes to hit-and-run in the right situation. We don't want to make outs on the bases with David and Manny behind us. But still, they're not going to hit a home run every time. If we can get to third base with less than two outs, it only helps them. So you want to be aggressive and smart."
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"We are a little more reserved. We just kind of go about our job in a quiet way."
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"Oh man, I always thought he was one of the top three starters in the National League. Facing him down in Florida when the lights were on ... he's got all the stuff. He has the mental makeup. He's a top-of-the-line guy."
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