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Greg Garrison Quotes

6 Greg Garrison quotes:

"We're in the unique situation where we can control a lot of our destiny and Crescent Valley is the next game on our schedule. We have to be ready for them as we would anybody else."
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"We've dealt with some adversity on the season, but our kids know we're never really out of a game. It was defense and rebounding that got us back in it."
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"We've battled adversity all year and have been in those kind of situations. Our kids know they're never out of a game. But it looked pretty bleak there for a bit."
Author: Garrison Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"They played us real tough and we expected that. In a rivalry game your emotions get the best of you and we didn't play with a lot of poise. We didn't really calm down and play our basketball game."
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"I did honest television. Real, live, honest television. That's what I did best."
"When I got lucky with Dean, I ended up with 16 years with one of the truly great performers of all time. He was the greatest performer I'd ever been around, bar none."

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