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John Thornton Quotes

7 John Thornton quotes:

"You want to come in playing well, but we're in, we're at home and there's a few other teams that would love to have that. So we've got to have fun with it."
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"It took the running game out. They still tried to run a few drives. Once we got up 14-0 and 21-0, we really didn't worry about the run game. It was just trying to keep Culpepper in the pocket and make him throw from there."
Author: Thornton Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"It wasn't some huge game plan. You try to get turnovers. We just wanted to make tackles and not let Culpepper scramble."
Author: Thornton Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"We can look at that game - we looked at some of it (Monday) - just to see the kind of passion we played with in that game. Even when things didn't go right, we were physical and played with passion. That's how you have to play in this league. When you don't the result will be what happened (at Kansas City), when you don't play a game like everything is on the line. I think this team knows the type of attitude we have to play with."
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"It is the most complex, biggest and most rapidly changing economy that I have dealt with."
"There are going to be games when there will be adversity. You can't get down, because I don't think we're a fluke. A whole lot of people might think we're a fluke, and teams that think they're a fluke are going to get down on themselves."
Author: Thornton Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"The radar system itself is energy efficient and that was a good place to start our energy calculations. As a general rule, it's more effective to add a solar-electric system after you have reduced your energy consumption as much as possible."
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