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"It takes a very mature young man (to do what he did). He's made good decisions for his age, choices guys his age don't usually make. He's a very humble person and he's been taught well by his mother about how to receive praise."
"Sure, there is some pressure. But I don't know — at that age, first time being around — if the pressure is as great as the homesick. I think the homesick would be the number one issue."
"I've seen him be successful throwing the football his sophomore year, I've seen that. I've seen him react through adversity, I have seen that. I'd never seen him react to a new system because we didn't have one. I'd say that'd be the most impressive thing."
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"I think we broke a record for concession sales — buying more drinks and popcorn and hot dogs. It's great for those people. We make more money."
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"Dad is 76. He takes naps during the game, so he might miss something."
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"The job description of this profession is criticism, ... Jeff was well aware when he went into it. That's why my son's in law, and not going into the profession."
"He has looked really, really good. He has good enthusiasm."
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"He's had a very good spring. He's stayed healthy. He's hungry to learn the position. His enthusiasm is good. He's been a really good leader, and that's something the jury was kind of out on ? his ability to lead a team."
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"We get paid well to hurt. She doesn't, ... It's a completely different environment. It's not nearly as much fun as it used to be."
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"The rule is made to create equality and it's great equality if you have an airport in town. If you get bad weather, commercial flights can get in while private planes can't fly, so the advantage was already there for larger cities that get commercial flights. It's definitely a disadvantage."
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"You see blood hurting, husband or son, ... Somebody's hurting Sunday, which reflects back on her. We get paid well to hurt. She doesn't."
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"I've been here seven years and he's been my quarterback for four. He's sitting up here with a college degree. ... what a great ambassador for college football. His leadership skills and how he responded after a disappointing year last year, which was my fault. The way he handled it to the media might have put a couple more years on my contract."
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"You're trying to get a comfort zone with the parents. You want the family to feel comfortable with me in charge of their son."
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"I couldn't help but think he would get better in that aspect. He shows the desire and has the skills to help us out next year."
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"It was one of those drives where you want to milk the clock as much as you could and giving the ball to James makes it pretty easy."
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"He is a pretty good kicker. We are giving him some heavy work right now. He is kicking just as good if not better."
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"It was a time where you worry about having your team buckle, but giving it to James made it easy."
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"I wouldn't be too worried. He's done too many good things and has shown too much improvement to be worried about half a day with split teams."
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"I wouldn't be too worried because he has done too many good things and showed so much improvement to be concerned about what happened today with split teams."
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"From an evaluation purpose, you don't get that much done."
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