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"[For a team that is fueled by adversity -- -- whether real or make believe -- the hard-knock Pistons have added another chip to their collective shoulders. How dare somebody say they can't win it without Brown?] Before Larry got here, we knew what kind of team we had, ... With him gone, we still know we capable of getting it done."
"When a team is short-handed, you can't allow them to hang around and feed off their emotions. Knowing that they got guys out, guys want to come out and play a little extra hard, try to pick it up. You can't afford to let those type teams hang around too long."
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"Um, Larry likes to coach."
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"That just shows the makeup and character of our team. That's what we hang our hats on -- getting stops."
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"We had a little more energy because we were at home. It's tough to play away from home on Christmas."
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"Everybody in this locker room that went through that Game 7 really started to prepare themselves and get ready for the season probably two weeks after that Game 7. That was the big reason we came back so focused and ready to play."
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"It didn't matter, they were still going to lose. As long as we win the game, I am good. I don't have so much pride that I can't see the big picture."
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"Everybody is hurt and disappointed right now. But everybody is going to come back ready to play."
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"There ain't no hard feelings."
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"The thing that he didn't show in Detroit was the passion for the game to want to go out there and want to dominate the game."
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"We put ourselves in a tough situation. We had to bail ourselves out with our defense. If we play like that for three quarters, it's going to take an effort like that down the stretch to get a victory. We have to start giving that effort from the start."
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"I don't think he looked like he was winded at all. To me, he looked like he was gaining strength."
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"There ain't nothing to worry about, because you're going to win some and you're going to lose some."
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