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"We've had to come from behind and he's done that. He's done a great job of handling adversity, calming guys down, making little jokes in the huddle. That's just the way he is."
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"It's a book waiting to be written. We're in that position to put him in the Super Bowl. A lot of guys just want to go out and play not only for themselves, but for a guy like Jerome Bettis."
"[And if anyone still insists on believing the Steelers aren’t competitive when it comes to paying their players, Ward answered that as well.] I think they went out of their way, ... This (contract) was far more than what I expected."
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"Ben has a desire to be the best. You can see that in him. He's going to be a great quarterback for a lot of years."
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"We call him the Tasmanian devil because he's always wreaking havoc."
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"We knew it was going to go for a touchdown. The great ones don't drop balls in the Super Bowl, and I want to be considered one of the great ones."
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"The great ones don't miss balls in the Super Bowl. And I want to be considered one of the great ones. To be named MVP is a great honor, but I still left some plays out on the field. I could have had an even better day."
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"It was funny,"
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"I didn't want to make it a media circus. It's something that's part of football, it happens. It was a road I had to come across and I tried to handle as best and as professionally as I could."
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"The whole holdout was strictly business, and for me it was about getting the opportunity to retire as a Steeler, ... It was not about money or greed, it was about me wanting to retire as a Steeler and to have that chance to retire as a Steeler. Thats all I can really ask for."
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"Somebody should write about a book about this. Because it's better than fiction."
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"I just hate to see that I'm getting put into that same category because I think our situations are totally different,"
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"When I was there, it wasn't cool to be a mixed kid. There probably was some hatred there. Some of the kids are treated badly and, sadly, it happens, but it's not the kids' fault."
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"We have to stay away from the negative plays. The third-and-longs, those are hard to overcome. We overcame a couple of them last year but last year we were a great team with second-and-short, third-and-short."
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"Everybody hurts when you lose. But he takes it hard."
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"I do want my fair market value, ... The Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens numbers out there are ridiculous. I wouldn’t try to ask for that. Not to say that I’m any less of a player than those guys but I know how this organization is run, how the offense is, for me, it’s all about getting the opportunity to start his career in one place and end his career in one place; and what a better place to do it than in the Black and Gold. That’s all I want is a commitment from this organization that I can retire as a Steeler."
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"My mother had to overcome a lot more things."
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"I wanted to be here to support the guys."
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"I got so upset at myself on the touchdown pass that I dropped. I make that catch in my sleep a hundred times a night."
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"I didn't sleep much. I had nerves. It didn't hit me until the second quarter, 'I'm playing in the Super Bowl.' I left some plays out there I usually could make in my sleep. But I have no complaints."
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